Sea Mourners Project

providing a sustainable source of living for the sea mourners

The Sea Mourners Project

On September 8 , 2009 a boat that was carrying a large  majority of school children across the waters to the capital of the city sank, with 250 people on board.


On September 8 , 2009 a boat that was carrying a large  majority of school children across the waters to the capital of the city sank, with 250 people on board.

Only 40 people survived, and the families left behind still mourn their loved ones.

This project is geared toward providing a sustainable source of living for the sea mourners.

On December 3, 2011 Save the Nation conducted a Fashion show and fundraiser to raise funds for the shipment of 80 boxes of books and school supplies that were to be distributed to those in need in Sierra Leone. On this day Mr. Sullay Hamid, renown international soccer coach and philanthropist donated soccer gear, shoes, and footballs for distribution to teams in Mofuss.

01On December 26, 2011 Founders Solomon and Giileh Scholz took a trip to Mofuss – Shenge in Sierra Leone and met with soccer teams, to make this donation. Along with trophies for future games, encouraging them to improve their athletic skills even in the midst of trying times.

02With your donation we were able to successfully ship 80 boxes of books for distribution to schools in the Shenge region of Sierra Leone. The distribution took place on January 7, 2012 at the village of Mofuss in the Karboro Chiefdom Sierra Leone. A journey that took place by road and sea. Founder Giileh Scholz took this trip and met with the elders of the surrounding villages that had been affected by the boat accident. The representatives of schools that had been ear-marked to receive the donations within that region were present to acknowledge receipt and distribution of the educational supplies in the hope of improving the educational need in that region to avoid students from having to go to the capital city by sea and road for a good education. Principal Mr Neal of Mofuss Elementary and High School was proud to report an increase in the number of schools in that region within the past year.

03 Five of the boxes consisted of music books donated to the Rozinka music school in Freetown Sierra Leone. These were received by the Principal Ms Joserly Beckly on behalf of the School.

04Ten of the boxes were also allocated for delivery to the Roman Catholic Elementary School in Sahn Malen in the region of Pujehun. They were received by Dr. Atiba Kebbie for delivery to the school.

Sub Projects of The Sea Mourners Project

  • Sponsor a farmer – provision of farming tools and seeds. A farming kit would be purchased to be donated to each family. This kit would comprise of pick axes, shovels, and other relevant farming tools.
  • Sponsor – a child drive – this fund would be allocated for school fees, uniforms and books for a school going child for the entire year – $100 per child.
    The boat accident left multiple children orphaned. A large majority of survivors were children who had been travelling with their parents to the capital city Freetown. Save the Nation has provided scholarships for some of the orphaned children, and we welcome you’re continued donations towards the education of these children.
  • Make The Road Project – this fund would be allocated toward community development of the village roads to make them road worthy especially after heavy rains to prevent family’s from having to travel by boat during bad storms that may have previously caused the loss of lives.

Thank You

Save The Nation thanks its donors for helping us achieve our goal of empowering the schools and children in Sierra Leone and we look forward to seeing many lives change as we forge forward with multiple projects that have been outlined for Sierra Leone to ensure sustainable economic development.

The goal of Save the Nation is to continue to make a difference in the lives of people who have been affected by disaster, and with the help of donations from supporters such as you we will continue to see improvements in the projects that Save The Nation seeks to undertake.