Save The Nation, Inc. (STN), is a 501-C-3 Non-Profit Organization in the United States of America founded by Sierra Leone born Gospel artist Giileh Kebbie Scholz and her husband Solomon Scholz driven by the crying need for help from impoverished nations. The organisation was formed to support projects that are geared towards helping improve the lives of the poorest in African nations and to help those nations recover from disasters as and when they occur. We do this through the implementation of programs and projects that support and lead to the attainment of these goals.

We seek to target countries in post-war situations recovering from the devastation of war and natural disasters with the donation of needed supplies.

Save the Nation strives to help improve the educational system in developing countries through the donation of books, computers, and other needs that educational institutes may have. We help to improve the health systems of impoverished countries with the provision of medical supplies, and through partnering with medical institutions in the countries we operate in to provide the necessary logistics. Our organization also assists students in developing nations through the provision of scholarships that cover their tuition & fees along with uniforms and other school supplies. We collaborate with other for profit and non-profit organizations to provide for those in need through community outreach programs.

Delivering results with the resources we are given is of the utmost importance and we seek and share information about those results.

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