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We seek to target countries in post-war situations recovering from the devastation of war and natural disasters with the donation of needed supplies.

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The role of the Social Work Supervisor is for the improvement of the lives of the people whom these NGO’s serve. Effective functioning of the social work aspect is pivotal to the success of the organisations fulfilling its Mission and reaching its objectives. The Social Work Supervisor will report to the CEO.

Full Time

Contribute your talent and time for social up-gradation and you will have a life-changing experience of revelation and spiritual or mental gratification. 

Part Time
Fund Raiser

Researching potential sponsors. Writing funding proposals and sending these to potential sponsors. Creating marketing and promotional activities. Developing fundraising events. Maintaining records of sponsors. Organizing campaigns that will lead to donations. Training volunteers.

Full Time / Part Time
Charity Marketing

Provides a way to present up-to-date information about our charity’s events and activities, and gives you a space to relate to current affairs that resonate with our objectives. Should be able to provide a way to interact with an audience of like-minded people from which to grow our supporter base. Picking the right social media platform.

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Recognized for accountability, impacful and susteniable outreaches

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We create awarness, promote and complete every cause embarked on

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We strive to build communities, and bring out the best of staff and donors.