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Our Projects

Our Projects

Save the Nation undertakes projects and programs in the nations in which we operate to implement its stated purpose along with its outlined mission and vision. We work independently and with other partners to make our projects a reality and deliver personally to our communities.

Sea Mourners

On September 8 , 2009 a boat that was carrying a large  majority of school children across the waters to the capital of the city sank, with 250 people on board.

Only 40 people survived, and the families left behind still mourn their loved ones.

This project is geared toward providing a sustainable source of living for the sea mourners.

On December 3, 2011 Save the Nation conducted a Fashion show and fundraiser to raise funds for the shipment of 80 boxes of books and school supplies that were to be distributed to those in need in Sierra Leone. On this day Mr. Sullay Hamid, renown international soccer coach and philanthropist donated soccer gear, shoes, and footballs for distribution to teams in Mofuss.


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Our Mission / Vision

To ensure a sustainable improvement in the standard of living of the people in the nations we operate.

We advocate on behalf of the needy to ensure adequate shelter, food, good health and education in the communities we are engaged with.   

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