Sierra Leone-Liberia Ebola Fundraiser

In an effort to eradicate the Ebola virus, the Sierra Leonean’s with Save the Nation and Liberians with Change Agent Network have joined hands to partner in conjunction with Hope for Lives, Immaculate Charities, and Save Sierra Leone Foundation. As this infectious virus ravages in an all-time high in Sierra Leone, the listed organizations are working together to ship a forty-foot container to Sierra Leone for distribution to victims and families in the rural areas in Sierra Leone. Change Agent Network’s past efforts of wiping out Ebola in Liberia has been the shipment of two forty-foot containers that were distributed to Ebola affected victims in Liberia.  The new formed partnership has made it possible for Change Agent Network to ship their third forty-foot container to Sierra Leone as a collaborative project with the above-mentioned organizations who have

implemented multiple projects in Sierra Leone and understand the region and method of distribution.  Consequently, Save the Nation, Hope For Lives, Save Sierra Leone Foundation and Immaculate Charities have received multiple donations of food, and clothing which will also be included in this container. A fundraising  event was held at the residence of the Ambassador to Liberia, HE Ambassador & Mrs. Jeremiah C. Sulunteh,in Washington, DC 20007.


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March 1, 2019

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