Help Kick Ebola Out

Sierra Leone is a small nation on the West Coast of Africa. The people of this country endured a decade of civil war during which hundreds of thousands of lives were lost before it ended in 2002. The country has since been struggling to recover from the ravages of this war. Unfortunately, the people of Sierra Leone are once more in the midst of another kind of war; the Ebola outbreak in West Africa that has spread to various parts of the country. Nearly one thousand people have died from Ebola in Sierra Leone and thousands more are suffering from hunger and starvation due to the effects of this disease. STN has been working with multiple groups and organizations around the country to raise funds that would help alleviate some of the dire problems the people in Sierra Leone are facing.

Our current fundraising campaign includes the collection of medical supplies, raising funds towards the shipment of a 40 foot container that would take much needed products to satisfy the goals we are aiming to achieve in fighting the Ebola outbreak.


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March 1, 2019

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