About Melicientia A. Boateng

Brand Ambasador

My name is Mellicentia A. Boateng and I was born on the 29th July, 2001. Am in final year of senior high school about to take my WASSCE. I am the only Daughter to my parents with two (2) brothers. I have been in the field of Advocacy for 6 years now were I have worked extensively with young people for a better and empowered life for us all. I joined the Action for Youth and Children’s network (AYCN) in 2014(the first organization I joined) and have done tremendously well with the organization. 

In 2015 we (AYCN) organized a program that was geared towards the awareness and acceptance of Ebola Survivors, I gave a speech about the effects of stigmatization and the celebration of those who risked their lives to combat the deadly disease. In the same year (2015) I was the chairperson for the first national children’s summit held in Sierra Leone by Save The Children Organization. Over the last four (4) years I have participated in dialogue meetings with Ministers, Members of Parliament and the media on the inclusion of children in budget planning, I have been given statements on the allocation of Government funds towards improving the Health and Education Sector for children. Not too long ago we (AYCN) embarked on a campaign with theme “No Belleh before or after BECE”. We engaged schools and individuals on mentorship, inspirational and motivational talks and distributed school materials (like pens, pencils, mathematical sets etc.) which we got from extensive lobbing. Three (3) years ago (2017) I also became a part of the Girls Advocacy Alliance (GAA) which partners with Defense for Children and Plan International.

Girls Advocacy Alliance (GAA) Is a network for girls in school to advocate for the protection of girls against sexual and gender-based violence. In September 2018, due to the Grace of God and my tremendous contributions to the empowerment of young people in my own little way, I travelled out of the country to attend the UN program that was called the Day of General Discussion. It was a program wherein children/youth from all over the world came to share their stories about their work as human rights defenders, their challenges, the effect advocacy has on them and their success stories. It was an awesome experience for me as I met many outstanding young people and learnt a lot from them. On the 16th June 2019 in other to start giving back to the community in any little way I can, we (a friend of mine and I) organized a motivational and inspirational program for youths were we invited young people who have done well for themselves and now trying to give back to society to talk about the experience and life stories in other for a youth to be triggered to do more with their lives. Along with all these I have attended many workshops, mentorship meetings, inspirational and motivational programs amongst many others. I love singing (Gospel Music), reading and doing research as my Hubbies and I am a chorister at my church.

As a human right defender, I have been faced with many challenges like been intimidated, bullied and even left out but with Gods Grace and the skills I have acquired so far, I have been able to overcome these challenges and do my job as a human right defender. Upon completion of my studies I want to be an Engineer and a Lawyer because as much as I will be building and repairing houses and bridges, I equally want to build and repair people’s lives in anyways I possibly can.