Mikedelia Sankoh

Brand Ambasador

Victoria, Angel, Faith, Mikedelia Sankoh, a.k.a., ANGEL QUEEN, was born on the 2nd of November, 2001, in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Pageantry as her personal life is intertwined with the rich culture of;- Modelling, Facial make-up artist, Fashion designer and stylist, Musical artist, Dancer, Reading books and Jogging. Angel Queen as a personality, is preparing for her West African Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination in 2020, at the Royal International High School in Freetown.   She got into pageantry as her parents encouraged and guided her at the tender age of 8 years in 2009.  Since then, she picked up pageantry again in 2019, because she had to concentrate on her Schooling.  She does pageantry, with a platform on teenage pregnancy.  She is also a Brand Ambassador for SAVE THE NATION.    In April 2019, she won 2nd runner up for the Miss Lumley beauty pageantry as a comeback. That same year, in 2019, Angel Queen won the Miss Ramadan. She was also, 1st runner up, Miss Royal International High School and winner, Miss Universal Transport Company in 2020. She does her pageantry with a platform on teenage pregnancy.  Angel Queen is also poised to take her pageantry art into all the world and even beyond, to represent her Countrywoman Sierra Leone, in the events of Miss Universe and Miss World competition in the near future. ANGEL QUEEN AT HER BEST!!!.