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Rocks on the Mountain

Pictures of the aftermath of the landslide on Sugar Loaf Mountain

Rescue / Recovery

Digging for survivors and recovery of victims of the tragic landslide

Mass Burials

Volunteers preparing the graves for the close to 400 victims that were buried last week.

The Floods

Rain water flowing through the city as it rained hard and the moutain collapsed

Mount Sugar Loaf

The site of the landslide that fell down covering homes and taking lives of 100s of people

Latest From Save the Nation

Raising Awareness for the Sierra Leone Mudslide

Save The Nation is supporting multiple organizations to raise awareness and funds for the victims of the August 14 Mudslide that took place in Sierra Leone in the capital Freetown, leaving an estimated death count of 500 and close to 600 currently unaccounted for.

The awareness drive will include highlighting organizations and the events they are hosting to raise funds, it will include interviews, collaborative fundraising efforts with some of the organizations, and the collection of donations that will be geared towards helping the victims.


Due to the nature of the tragedy, Sierra Leone now stands at a high risk of a cholera and typhoid epidemic. This has led to the call for a state of emergency, and also a dire need for more education on the prevention of such diseases with could easily escalate into additional mass deaths.

About 3000 people are estimated to be homeless and efforts to excavate families buried deep in the mud are becoming futile.

On August 18 the government of Sierra Leone conducted a dignified burial with 300 graves. More rain is expected to fall with more damage. As the Sierra Leone government fights hard to control a situation that could easily escalate into a nationwide disaster, the poor, homeless, and children once more suffer the most.

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August 14th 2017 Landslide

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